You can upgrade your Smush Pro plan at any time and just pay the difference. In fact, all the additional savings you get from our Super-Smushing compression will remain even after canceling. If you still happen to hit it, don’t worry, the CDN will safely deactivate and your images will continue being served from your own server like they were before you enabled the CDN. Are there any lock-ins? Update: UI/UX has been updated for Bulk Smush page, Fixed: Start from latest image while Bulk Smushing, Fixed: S3 config error if AWS keys are defined in wp-config.php, Fixed: NextGen smush page not working properly, Fixed: Do not redirect to settings page on activation is WP CLI is installed, Fixed: get_current_screen() method causing error on some sites, Fixed: Images not being resized when image is uploaded via Mobile App, Fixed: S3 offload Integration - Original Image not being deleted in some cases, Fixed: Pro user unable to login to WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin when Smush is active, Error: "Your key is invalid. ", Updated: S3 Integration, return URL for any error, 'as3cf_get_attached_file', Fixed - Bulk Smush not working for specific sites, Maintenance Release - Updated Stats calculation for Bulk Smush, Updated - Use JS for stats calculation while using Bulk Smush, to reduce the Ajax time, Fixed - Some Images would keep appearing in the re-smush list, if "Resize original images" is enabled, Fixed - Enable buttons in settings redirects to network smush settings page in a subsite if networkwide settings are enabled, Fixed - Progress bar not being updated for new sites, Added compatibility for WP S3 Offload, WP RSS Aggregator, WordPress mobile app including performance improvements and warning fixes, - Updated: Faster image uploads: Set async request timeout to 0, if you're having trouble with Auto Smush, set timeout using filter `smush_async_time_out`, - Fixed: Issue with WP Smush Pro membership check, - Fixed: Stats: Rating message shows incorrect image count, - Fixed: Stats: Include directory smush stats in media stats, - Fixed: Directory Smush: Allow re-smushing directory images, if the lossy feature is turned on, - Fixed: Directory Smush: Fixed empty query warning if there are more than 5k images, - Fixed: Site Ground Staging - Disable Async smush for staging sites, admin URL for async request is incorrect because of the Apache module. New Relationship field setting for 'Filters' (Search, Post Type, Taxonomy). Yes. I work at an agency, and it has become a staple for every single site we work on. Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any additional questions! The file manager plugin has 2 dedicated Gutenberg blocks to load your WordPress files and categories of files (including the cloud files and categories from Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive). Yes. Learn how Smush can quickly and easily help you do it in bulk. Once ACF PRO is installed, enter your license key to enable plugin updates. Jean Galea – Founder WP Mayor If you want to save more time when building a client's website, just use Admin Columns Pro. ACF PRO is the premium version of our free WordPress plugin. All data saved on an options page is global and can be displayed on any page throughout the website (good for header and footer data)! It has saved us a ton of time compared to doing these tasks manually. The entire plugin has had a design refresh including new field types, settings and design! Performance improvement for Bulk Smush page, PHP 7 compatibility and few other bug fixes. Can I easily cancel? WPMU DEV has more 5-star reviews than any other WordPress company, find out why with a 7-day @glowball "WP All Import is my most used, most valued, most appreciated plugin. Configure lazy loading to defer offscreen images, choose custom loading animations, and improve page speed. New auto export to JSON feature improves speed and allows for synchronisation. And who can forget Forminator Pro, I stopped using cf once I adopted to it, the best form plugin according to me. More savings, Misc. UX/UI updated with overall stats, progress bar. Learn how to get the most out of Smush and streamline your images for peak site performance. Enhance: Allow local WebP on WPMU DEV staging sites, Enhance: Display the WebP test request code and message in the status on failure, Enhance: Remove unused setting and methods for converting transparent PNGs to JPEG, Enhance: Validate the paths submitted by the user for Directory smush, Enhance: Compatibility with WP Offload Media, Fix: Bulk Smush getting stuck after 100 images on free version, Fix: Loading of Wistia assets on free version, Fix: Data usage option not being saved on the free version during the onboarding wizard, Fix: Do not adjust sizes attribute when automatic resizing on CDN is disabled, Fix: WebP rules path is wrong in Flywheel sites, Fix: Extra horizontal line after the last row of the WebP metabox, Fix: Choose Directory modal not opening when in tabs other than "Directory Smush", Fix: Cached list of attachments with backups getting out of sync with backups, Fix: Empty images in media library after PNG to JPG conversion on servers without "fileinfo" extension, Enhance: Lazy load module will properly distinguish between single/double quotes, Fix: Image resize detection flagging images that have been auto resized by CDN, Fix: Lazy Load conflicting with Maintenance plugin, Fix: PHP warning when saving lazy load settings, Fix: Copy URL functionality in media library, Fix: Tools link in network admin Settings page, Fix: Upsell notice breaking after re-checking images, Fix: smush_check_for_conflicts cron running on every page load, Fix: Compatibility with SupportCandy plugin, Fix: Minor UI issues in NextGen Smush page, Fix: CDN image paths on sub-directory installs, Fix: Image counter when re-checking images, Fix: Bulk Smush counter going over total number of images, Enhance: Update the modal that displays the highlights of this release, Fix: Lazy load placeholder background colors, Fix: Lazy load custom placeholders on network installs, New: Option to disable noscript in lazy load, New: WordPress 5.5 lazy load compatibility, New: WP_SMUSH_CDN_DELAY_SRCSET constant to delay wp_calculate_image_srcset filter, New: WP_SMUSH_ASYNC_LAZY constant to utilize async loading for lazy load scripts, Enhance: Compatibility with S3-Uploads plugin, Enhance: Disable CDN and lazy load modules on customizer pages, Enhance: CDN parsing of background images, Enhance: Allow directory Smush in site directories, Enhance: Improve wording in directory Smush notices, Fix: Fix errors detecting mime type of remote streams, Fix: Lazy loading integration with fusion galleries (Avada), Fix: Lazy loading not working with images that have GET parameters, Fix: Lazy loading placeholders not visible on some themes, Fix: CDN background images not working with images that have GET parameters, Fix: Skip iframes with invalid URLs from lazy loading, Fix: Compatibility with Vimeography plugin, Fix: Soliloquy slider images' incorrect source, Fix: Soliloquy navigation misalignment when lazy loading, Fix: Smush page in NextGen Gallery plugin looking unstyled, Fix: CDN automatic resizing option causing issues with images, New: CDN and lazy load integration with Soliloquy slider, Enhance: Native lazy loading disabled by default, added option to enable it, Enhance: Image resize detection highlighting, Fix: Images with relative paths not processing by CDN, Fix: Object cache not clearing out stats during Re-Check Images action, Fix: Pages with lazy loading showing errors during W3C validation, Fix: Multiple noscript tags when lazy loading duplicate images, Fix: Image resize settings not respecting the largest dimension, Enhance: Directory Smush image processing, Enhance: CDN background image processing performance, Fix: Lazy loading breaking visual editors (Oxygen, Thrive Architect, Tatsu), Fix: WooCommerce breaking Smush onboarding dialog, Fix: CDN processing of background images with spaces, New: CDN support for images in REST API responses, New: Media library filter to show uncompressed images, Enhance: Image resize detection functionality, Enhance: Allow excluding images from lazy loading with data-skip-lazy attribute, Fix: Error detecting language error on Settings page, Fix: "Choose directory" button disabled state after first click, Fix: Browser console errors on pages without Backbone js scripts, Fix: Lazy load compatibility with Beaver Builder, New: Add custom post types to include/exclude filters in the lazy load module, New: CDN support for source in the picture element, New: Lazy loading support for picture element, Enhance: CDN compatibility with empty srcset and sizes image attributes, Enhance: CDN support for background images, Enhance: Lazy load compatibility with Envira Gallery plugin, Fix: CDN not detecting background images surrounded by HTML entities, Fix: CDN not replacing srcset in some cases, Fix: Compatibility issue with ReCaptcha and lazy loading, Fix: Upgrade from Free to Pro causing an error, New: Option to ignore images from Smushing, New: Lazy load compatibility with Block Gallery plugin, New: Lazy load compatibility with CoBlocks plugin, New: smush_cdn_custom_uploads_dir filter for use with custom upload directories in CDN, New: CDN support for images in data-original attribute, Enhance: CDN support for custom UPLOADS directories, Enhance: Max width detection with CDN auto-resize functionality, Enhance: Lazy loading image format detection, Enhance: Lazy loading compatibility with AMP, Enhance: Lazy loading compatibility with Essential Grid, Enhance: Lazy loading compatibility with JetPack, Enhance: Integration settings pages UI, summary meta box UI, Enhance: Significantly increase performance on sites with large media libraries, Enhance: Compatibility with Oxygen Builder, Fix: Lazy loading not properly working on Bootstrap based themes, Fix: Lazy loading exclusion rules not working with active CDN, Fix: Failed parsing srcset attribute value since its w descriptor is invalid warnings, Fix: PHP warnings for getimagesize() disabled wrapper, Fix: UI conflict with Store Locator Plus plugin, Fix: CDN incorrectly resizing cropped images, Fix: NextGen gallery bulk Smush functionality, Fix: Resize threshold not resetting when auto-resize is disabled, New: Support for big images in WordPress 5.3, Fix: WP Offload Media integration with Pro version, Fix: CDN incorrect calculation for image sizes attribute, New: Integration with Avada Fusion Builder background images, Enhance: Compatibility with staging environment on WPMU DEV hosting, Enhance: SmartCrawl readability analysis compatibility, Enhance: Allow optimizing directories in root folder, Enhance: Error descriptions during optimization, Enhance: Detection of image sizes when "All" option is selected in Bulk Smush settings, Enhance: CDN detection of background images, Fix: Issue with CDN auto resize and Revolution Slider, Fix: CDN auto resize feature overwriting the correct sizes attribute, Enhance: Minor user experience improvements and updates, New: Pro page to highlight Smush Pro features, Fix: Images with empty class not lazy loading, Fix: Lazy loading not working on front page when a static page is selected as a homepage, Fix: Preserve network settings after update, Enhance: Do not allow enabling CDN for sites that are not registered on the Hub, Enhance: Bulk compressing images without proper meta data, Enhance: Do not lazy load images on AMP pages, Fix: PHP warning when Smush is not able to detect site language, Fix: Excluding frontpage post type from lazy loading, Fix: Missing icons in resize my full size images notice, Fix: Inability to resize full size images several times, Fix: Image count calculations during images re-check, Fix: Directory Smush on SiteGround, GoDaddy and Bluehost, New: Increase image size limit in free version from 1Mb to 5Mb, New: Integration with WPBakery Page Builder, Enhance: Move Image resize detection to the new Tools section, Enhance: Add upgrade link to bulk smush limit message, Enhance: Regex syntax for detecting images in content, Enhance: Smush CDN support for 3rd party lazy loading plugins, Enhance: Update API status button functionality, Enhance: Filter to skip image from lazy loading, Enhance: Notices when bulk limit is reached, Fix: Errors with WP Ultimate Recipe Premium, Fix: Inability to determine max content width with Auto Resize CDN feature, Fix: Directory Smush not resetting errors on successful scans, Fix: Lazy loading spinning image containers, Fix: PHP notice on lazy loading settings page, Fix: Subsites showing settings pages when network wide options enabled, Fix: PHP warning on 2.x - 3.x upgrade in network installs, Fix: CDN not processing the image tag if src does not contain a valid image, New: Add "Update API status" button in Settings, Fix: CDN upgrade link not showing when bandwidth is over limit, New: CDN support for mapped domains in multisite, New: Auto update free version of the plugin to Pro if Dashboard plugin is installed and activated, New: Options to preserve settings and data on plugin uninstall, New: Option to reset settings to defaults, New: Ignore images with errors during bulk Smush, Enhance: Clean up outdated and deprecated code, Enhance: Skip auto resized images on CDN from highlighting in image resize detection tab, Enhance: Directory Smush where wp-content is placed in a custom location, Fix: [NextGEN Gallery] bug with stats count, Fix: Recalculate stats when clicking 'Re-check status' button, Fix: Illegal string offset 'file' warning in PHP, New: Onboarding experience for new installs, New: WP CLI support for bulk/single image Smush and bulk restore, Enhance: Add upgrade link in Plugins section for the free version, Enhance: CSS for highlighting incorrectly sized images, Enhance: Preserve stats during options updates, Enhance: CDN will now only accept JPG/PNG/GIF images - no more warnings in browser console, Enhance: Support for Edge browser (and some older browser versions), Fix: Browser console errors with CDN auto resizing and webp images, Fix: Directory Smush errors on subsites in multisite environments, Fix: Fix CDN not enabling on subsites in multisite, Fix: JavaScript error during bulk Smush on free version of the plugin, Enhance: Support for WordPress 5.0 release and Gutenberg editor, Fix: [WP Offload Media] integration with Pro version, Fix: PHP warning on update from Smush version 2 to version 3, Security: Remove support for Upfront theme functions, New: Plugin structure (Important: plugin globals have been removed), New: Show failure reason during directory Smush, New: Settings page with language translation links, Security: Fix XSS and phar deserialization vulnerabilities.