Wilhelm II or William II was the last German Emperor (Kaiser) and King of Prussia, ruling the German Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia from 15 June 1888 to 9 November 1918. Wilhelm II. The area was discovered on 22 February 1902, during the Gauss expedition of 1901–1903 led by Arctic veteran and geologist Erich von Drygalski. Wilhelm II (1859-1941) was the last German kaiser (emperor) and king of Prussia from 1888 to 1918, and one of the most recognizable public figures of World War I … Kaiser-Wilhelmsland: see Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea, officially Independent State of Papua New Guinea, independent Commonwealth nation (2015 est. He was the eldest grandson of the British Queen Victoria and related to many monarchs and princes of Europe. Kaiser-Wilhelm-II.-Land ist ein Sektor des Kontinents Antarktika zwischen den geographischen Koordinaten 87° 43′ Ost und 91° 54′ Ost und somit zwischen Kap Penck und Kap Filchner.Das Gebiet wird heute als Teil des Australischen Antarktis-Territoriums von Australien beansprucht.Es wurde durch die deutsche Polarexpedition unter Leitung des Wissenschaftlers Erich von Drygalski am 22. Drygalski named it after Kaiser Wilhelm II who had funded the expedition with 1.2 million Goldmarks. Wilhelm II (German: Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albrecht von Preußen; English: Frederick William Victor Albert of Prussia) (January 27, 1859 – June 4, 1941) was the German Emperor (Kaiser) and last King of Prussia, ruling the German Empire from June 15, 1888 until his death on June 4, 1941 and the Kingdom of Prussia from June 15, 1888 to January 30, 1934. This mod requires Brave New World. Her main job was to bring workers to the colony, but she also transported 1st class passengers and explorers. … It does not replace Bismarck's Germany. Kaiser Wilhelm II is the current German Emperor and King of Prussia. I n the gloom of his small mausoleum near the village of Doorn, 16 miles east of the Dutch city of Utrecht, lies the mummified corpse of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Exploration. Son of the short-lived Kaiser Friedrich III, Wilhelm has been reigning since 15 June 1888, and therefore is currently the oldest and longest-reigning prince of the German Empire. Kaiser Wilhelm II was the Emperor of Germany and the Commander-in-Chief of the German armed forces.. In response, the Imperial Navy, previously loyal to the Kaiser, mutinied. Kaiser Wilhelm II Land. She drove between Hamburg and the German colony in German New Guinea called "Kaiser - Wilhelms - Land". In November 1918 the war drew to a close as allied troops advanced. Meanwhile, there was also significant unrest at home. I hope you like it :) Special Thanks to: - Safty (for the nice renders) Progress: 100% complete: Tags: Water Structure. Germany led by Wilhelm II1 is a custom civilization created by TarcisioCM,2 with contributions from Viregel, Janboruta, COF, bernie14 and danrell. Kaiser Wilhelm II Land (also Wilhelm II Coast) is the part of Antarctica lying between Cape Penck, at 87°43'E, and Cape Filchner, at 91°54'E and is claimed as part of the Australian Antarctic Territory, although this claim is not universally recognized..